Dedicated To: The people who have been lost, and their families, and to those who have the courage to undertake the difficult task of recovering them.


New figures show that police forces in England, Wales and Scotland are dealing with more than six thousand missing person reports a week.Globally the true number of missing people is not known.


Thankfully the majority of missing people return home safely but for those who lose their lives, their bodies need to be found and questions answered.


Often, bodies of missing people can be found in water. A recent study showed that 89% of men going missing on a night out were found in water.

The Body Recovery From Water Study

Globally, every hour of every day more than 40 people lose their lives to drowning (). Missing person behaviour datasets show that water is an attractive place for some missing person categories. The recovery of bodies in water requires particular expertise so that evidence is preserved, the circumstances are established and relatives can begin earlier closure.

The Body Recovery From Water Study has several aims, one of which is to improve search and recovery from water so that operatives may be more effective in this vital and challenging work. Please explore this site to find out more and get involved where you can.

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